Stories From The Salt House

Miniature Museum with Stroudwater Navigation Archive Charity

Site-specific installation at the Salt House, Brimscombe Port, Stroud

a Stroudwater Textile Trust & Cotswold Canals Connected event

Heritage Days Festival 2022


Stories From The Salt House

An installation with audio & projections reimagined from the archives

In memory of Dudley of Eastcombe


Many Thanks


This installation was commissioned by Cotswold Canals Connected

and made with archival material and input from

Museum in The Park

Stroudwater Navigation Archive Charity

Stroudwater Textiles Trust

Lists of cargos and measurements were narrated by John Basset of Spaniel In The Works Theatre Company

The memories were of Dudley of Eastcombe in conversation with Tara Downs & Jon Seagrave in 2018

and our meeting was thanks to Anna Bonnallack of Creative Sustainability