Running with the Ebb Tide: Halcyon Days

For Severn Worlding

A sound-piece in 2 parts

On the shifting sands of river, time & tide;

The fishers and the fished.

Running with the ebb tide

Stories of the Severn: Sharpness Calling

Created for Severn Worlding

an exhibition curated by Patricia Brien

at SVA Gallery 1st-10th July 2022

Halcyon Days

Stories of the Severn: Sharpness Calling

Jim the fisherman recalls his fishing days

A natural storyteller, his voice has a rhythm that belongs with the river

With an intuitive understanding deeply grounded in experience of Sabrina’s ways

Surfacing insights on lathe net fishing

Tide and sand banks can mislead the Salmon

A canny fisher will see the mark of the loom.

Margaret adds to his recollections – on elvering and shrimping at Sharpness.


These are memories of a way of life and traditions that are almost lost.

That come from knowing the landscape and it’s movements from the inside out

With a fish eye view.


The field recordings were made on a crystal clear and otherworldly eve

between strangely quiet years

In this liminal tideline, are textures of the Severn’s edges

Crunch of midwinter brittle grasses

Along the slippery tiered banks of a low tide sun

Sheens silver over mudflats and trickling gorges – the underbelly revealed

(Invoking Absence)

Our footsteps will be reabsorbed.



Severn Worlding

1st – 10th July 2022 at SVA  gallery

An exhibition

curated by Patricia Brien

see more about this and her related exhibitions


Many thanks to Jim& Margaret for the stories

Patricia, SVA,  & all the artists involved for making this exhibition happen

Carolyn Black for sharing the audio/visual space and alternating these sound pieces within her film show reel

Euan Maco McAleece for show reel mixing support