Peacock & Tower / Pauw & Toren

Peacock & Tower

Mechanical Pauw & Toren (Peacock & Tower) – a collaboration between Edd Vossen of Werkplaats Atelier & Bart Sabel of Miniature Museum / Sabel Constructies

Commissioned for ‘Wandelpark Caprera’, Bloemendaal, The Netherlands, this interactive sculptural installation is part of a trail of magical interventions, initiated by Luca Stappers.

Sited on the edge of the woods and looking out across the dunes to the sea, is the lookout tower.  When you climb up onto the tower platform you notice there’s a metal branch attached to a tree with a peacock that stirs itself and puts up its tail.

‌The tower is built from steel and wood; the body of the peacock is sculpted with bits of reclaimed calculating machine parts. The tail had to be lightweight, UV and weather proof and is made of carbon fibre and stainless steel gauze.

‌The mechanical parts of tower and peacock are made with creative experimental hydraulic engineering.

The gauze feathers were made with the help of Claire Delhumeau.


You can visit the Pauw & Toren when Wandelpark Caprera is open – Check the website for opening days and times and fees.

Here is the timetable of park opening times for August/September 2023

and here the map of the park

Photographs in the gallery below are taken while the Pauw & Toren were being constructed in Werkplaats Atelier, and then when it was being installed in the dunes of Wandelpark Caprera, in July 2023.