Ozleworth Cabinet of The Gylde

‘’For this new work at Newark Park, we researched into the history of the place, its inhabitants and links with the outer world. Inspired by specific historical facts, the feel of this Tudor hunting lodge and our fantasy, the tale of an obscure side of Ozleworth valley and a hidden raison d’etre for Newark Park has emerged’’

‘Ozleworth Cabinet of the Gylde’

was initially exhibited as part of SIT Selected at Newark Park from 23 April – 8 June 2014.

Newark Park welcomed this site-specific installation to remain on display until they closed for the winter, on 2nd November 2014

Tara and Bart would like to thank Arts Council England for the funding for research and development of Miniature Museum and creation of this new work.

 This cabinet was also made thanks to the support of National Trust Newark Park, and at the invitation of Stroud International Textiles Festival