De Crypt School Trunk Treasure Chest

The School Trunk Treasure Chest was commissioned as a display chest for the Old Tudor School room of St Mary De Crypt, Gloucester in its launch as Discover De Crypt.

We have used bits of old pew that were removed from the church in the renovation. In a corner of the chest is a contemporary shrine to the holy inkwell, a reference to the sacred and scholastic history of this site!

The trunk was designed so that the ‘pewside windows’ safely display objects for viewing only. It can also be opened as a classic trunk with removable top drawer for handling objects and a deep storage or peep-box space within. 

It has been created to accommodate exhibits created as part of community workshops, so the content is a work in progress according to De Crypt’s wishes and activities as their project evolves.

St Mary De Crypt and schoolroom underwent major renovations thanks to Heritage Lottery Funding And opened its doors as Discover De Crypt this Spring 2019 – a community orientated space in a heritage site.