canalside audio posts

A series of audio posts for Cotswold Canals Connected


In January 2021 we began the project of creating 5 audio posts for Cotswold Canals Connected, and the stretch of the next phase 1B restoration, between Stonehouse and Saul Junction.

These posts we are making from waterways heritage objects, embedding into them the push button-operated audio boxes, powered by small solar-panels.  We have acquired some beautiful objects thanks to the National Waterways Museum at Gloucester and the Cotswold Canals Trust to make this ‘sculpture-post-trail’.

The audio is a mix of informational interviews, stories from the archives, and commissioned creative interpretations in poetry and music.  This will be a changing curation, and over time can incorporate elements from community engagement events and projects. Many thanks to all the people who are participating in the audio creation!

The first post – a narrow boat mast – is at Ocean. It was inaugurated on May Day 2021 by Boss Morris dancers to a bespoke ‘Ocean Towpath’ field recording mix by Aron Attwood,

Keep an eye open for the posts installed and yet to appear:

1. Ocean Mast

2. Blunder Lock Gate

3. Occupation Bridge Boat Engine

4. Willow Tree

5.Saul Imagined Trow Wreck

You can find out more & hear audio updates on www.cotswoldcanalsconnected/audio

Ocean Jubilee Bridge Opens!

official opening May 23rd 2022

New tracks

on the narrow boat mast audio post

& the rudder joins it

to complete the installation


Many thanks to

Gloucester Waterways Museum for donating the narrow boat mast & rudder

& Cotswold Canals Trust volunteers for installing them alongside the towpath!

Welcome to The Ocean - Ups and Downs of the Bridge

Archive Stories on Ocean Mast audio post for Cotswold Canals Connected

With thanks to:

Hugh Conway-Jones; John Bassett & Kim of Spaniel in The Works Theatre Company; Lois Francis & The Stroudwater Navigation Archive Charity

Ginormous Yellow Crane

Engineering & Ecology on Ocean Mast audio post Cotswold Canals Connected

With thanks to:

Canal Engineering Project Manager, Glenn Dooley; Deborah Elliott Project Manager Network Rail; Percy & his parents

A Poem for the Ocean

by Jonny Fluffypunk | Arts on the Ocean Mast audio post for Cotswold Canals Connected

With thanks to:

 Poet, Jonny Fluffypunk