Bunny to burn made for ‘Who Stole The Tarts’ an immersive theatre Alice In Wonderland adventure at Aynhoe Park by ‘The Rabbit Hole’ of Glastonbury fame.

This bunny was made intensely over 1 week on location at Aynhoe Park, with wood selected from offcut piles at Banbury sawmills. A collaboration between Ruud Panhuysen, Bart Sabel & Tara Downs.

It was commissioned by ‘The Rabbit Hole’, to be the final backdrop or rather all-consuming set-piece for the evening extravaganza ‘Who Stole The Tarts?’, an immersive theatre-party held at Aynhoe Park in Oxfordshire.

This Alice in Wonderland themed who-dunnit invited audience/party goers to roam the magnificent rooms of Aynhoe with clues from the characters in performances, and climaxed with a courtcase and Wicker man style sacrifice of the white rabbit into the belly of the bunny, then set alight, to a operatic/dance techno fusion with live Jimmy Hendrix style solo by guitarist Andy Dunn.